Out Of Unemployment Emerges An Entrepreneur

Dexter Patch:

Begin owns and operates Right Brain Networks in Dexter, a website design and computer network management company that boasts a healthy clientele ranging from small businesses to the U.S. Army.

“But business wasn’t always so good, he said. Like most Michigan residents two years ago, Begin, an information technology manager at a microchip engineering firm in Ann Arbor, suddenly found himself unemployed and without any prospects.

“Within a week of getting married, I was laid off, so I was having the stress of living in a house I could no longer afford while trying to find work,” he said. “I sent out hundreds of resumes and even managed to land a few interviews, but it’s a really competitive market, and I just had no luck getting hired.”

So in 2009, Begin decided to look inward, evaluate his skills and do the next best thing by starting his own website company.

“I was getting frustrated with the lack of response from my resumes, so I decided if I was going to make something of this business, now was the time to do it,” he said. “That’s when I switched gears and looked for clients for myself rather than spending my energy looking for a job. After a while, you have to accept that you’re the only one who can change things.

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