Spicy Pickle Franchising, Inc., the Denver-based fast-casual franchising company, announced today that it is expanding its Spicy Pickle(R) brand to Canada. The company stated that it has entered into a franchise agreement for the development of the first Spicy Pickle restaurant in Canada. The restaurant, which is expected to open in the summer of 2012, will be located in Calgary, Alberta, representing the beginning of the brand’s expansion plans to our northern neighbor.

Jeff Branton, who is the Vice President and General Manager for the company’s Canadian operations, including its BG Urban(SM) cafes and grills, said, “Given Canada’s strong economy, and in Calgary in particular, this is a great market in which to launch Spicy Pickle in Canada, and it will complement our BG Urban brand operations nicely. Being that we are a Canadian company with our BG Urban cafes & grills already in British Columbia, we have the infrastructure to support and grow both our brands here, so adding Spicy Pickle was a natural move.” The company, which operates its separate BG Urban restaurant brand in western Canada, already has twelve BG Urban cafes and grills in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, but this new franchise will represent the company’s first Canadian Spicy Pickle location.