Stephanie Allen and Tina Kuna started by helping families create delicious meals with easy preparation. Now they’re helping them reconnect over the dinner table, too.

“The Hour That Matters Most” is an easy-to-read collection of advice and anecdotes designed to help today’s family reconnect over the dinner table.

The authors wanted to avoid the guilt trip and concentrate instead on teaching parents how to provide regular family meals and guide conversation in a positive way. They also touch on effective ways of teaching manners.

Allen and Kuna are experts when it comes to finding time to provide sit-down dinners for their families. The business partners also are the founders of Dream Dinners — probably the best known meal assembly service in the country — and are said to be the originators of the concept.

At Dream Dinners locations, customers are able to quickly and easily assemble a dozen or so dinner entrees in about an hour. These are then taken home and frozen or refrigerated to create convenient meals.

There is no planning or shopping required. Dream Dinners employees lay out the ingredients, handle all of the cleanup and answer questions, offer assistance or grab additional bowls, spoons or tongs if needed.

The store is set up like a series of salad bars. The ingredients are prepped and ready for assembly. Disposable bags or pans are provided. The recipe is on a card above each station. Guests simply follow the instructions and assemble the ingredients for the entree in the provided containers. A card with cooking instructions is then placed with each meal.