The inventor of rollerblades, Scott Olson, has moved on from the blades we all know and love. Now he is taking everybody’s feet off the ground.

His new company, SkyRide Technology, is now marketing SkyRide. Olson has invented an elevated track and hanging from it is either a SkyRower or SkyBike, propelled by the person riding it.

Olson said, “So the idea is to have different types of machines, just like you would at a health club, but being on a fixed track and being able to go out any time of the day or nighttime, any kind of weather, where you can be out using it. We’re out here in the rain, the snow.”

Depending on your speed you can get a good workout in five minutes up to a half hour but there are other applications besides exercise.

SkyRide Technology president and CEO Adam Meyer said “The ski resort [market] is the main market that we’re starting in. It’s going to be a year round thrill ride. We’re going to have these tracks racing down the mountain, going at high speeds, banking around turns and really having a fun time going down the mountain.”

And because it’s human propelled, riders don’t just have to rely on gravity. You can go up inclines as well. The SkyRide could soon solve transportation issues too. SkyRide Technology is in talks to connect a hospital in Washington State to a nearby medical school.