joinFITE is in Dallas, Texas for the SHINE conference, in hopes of helping empower potential entrepreneurs.

joinFITE will be recognized as the featured cause this year at the conference among thousands of business leaders from across the country, to spotlight their groundbreaking work to financially empower women and help them gain economic stability. joinFITE, championed by Dermalogica founder Jane Wurwand in partnership with Kiva, was specifically designed to leverage the untapped potential of women through entrepreneurship. This year at SHINE, Jane will serve as the keynote speaker where she will discuss the importance of empowering women to become financially independent through innovative platforms like joinFITE.

“We are thrilled that we are able to share the joinFITE experience with Texas where we are already making an economic impact by funding local women entrepreneurs through our joinFITE platform. We truly believe that by extending our values of entrepreneur success, we have the power to change the world for the better. One woman at a time,” said Wurwand, founder and owner of Dermalogica.

In the next two weeks, joinFITE hopes to reach its goal of funding an additional 3,000 entrepreneurs through the Lend Your Hand campaign by engaging consumers to direct funds to a women entrepreneur in a specific part of the world. As the creator of SHINE, Ali Brown is lending her hand to help more women gain financial independence. She has already funded numerous entrepreneurs and will call upon SHINE attendees to join her and lend their hand to help fund an additional 120 women at the event.

To date, joinFITE has funded over 5,000 women and strives to reach a minimum of 25,000 women over the next two years by generating consumer interest and brand partner engagement to ensure financial success for women in economies worldwide.