Every great small business needs great employees to help guide it in the right direction. CBS has some ideas on what you should look for in a potential employee.

The best small business employees:

Feel “it’s all 8 hours to me.” I first heard the expression when I asked an employee to help me clean up after a sewer line backed up and spread waste water across the warehouse. He said, “Sure. It’s all 8 hours.” He felt he was paid to work for 8 hours, and what he did during that time didn’t matter (in a good way.) Great small business employees — great employees period — are willing to do whatever it takes and are more concerned with overall objectives and goals than their individual duties.

Don’t care about a job description or organizational structure. A prospective employee who asks to see a detailed job description is waving a large red flag. “What does the job entail, you ask? Whatever I need you to do.” A small business owner pays an employee to work, not to hold a position. (If you don’t think there’s a difference you haven’t run a small business.)

Knocked on your door. A friend of mine runs a mid-size company. One day a college senior walked in and said, “I’ve checked out your website, and forgive me for saying this but it could be a lot better. I graduate soon and would love to work for you. Here is a list of the changes I would make in the first three months, including how those changes would improve conversions and SEO results.” Targeted approach, had done his homework… and showed a level of initiative every small business owner hopes to find. While a great employee will rarely try to crash your small business party, when one does give them serious consideration.

Photo by Rich Young