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What can a small business owner do to ensure that his employees remain committed and loyal to the company? One small business owner in Charleston, South Carolina thinks that cash will prevent his employees from walking.

Dan Schneider, owner of SIB Development and Consulting, has offered a $50,000 bonus to any of his employees that stay with the company for five years.

Any full time employee is eligible.

Even better: if an employee stays for 25 years, Dan will pay them $250,000.

Would you stay for five years at a job you hated for 50,000 extra dollars?

CNN has more:

In these still dicey economic times, Schneider’s program is unusual and “a great ploy,” said Aylward. People usually remain in jobs two to three years, especially at startups, she explained. Even if SIB employees “don’t stay five years, it is a good mental motivation for them.”

Schneider, a serial entrepreneur, came up with the idea when he realized that training employees is expensive. Indeed. Training can cost a company tens of thousands of dollars depending on the employee’s experience, added Aylward.

Information about available job opportunities at SIB after the jump.

SIB is always looking for hard workers with industry knowledge and experience in accounting, contract law and auditing plus a healthy love for Microsoft Excel.

Ideal Skills:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Platform
  • Cloud Computing
  • Google Premier Apps
  • Mac Proficiency

SIB is a fast-growing company, located in sunny Charleston, SC, one of America’s top-rated cities for beaches, restaurants, quality of life and weather.

Employee Highlights Include:

  • Competitive Salary
  • $50,000 Five-Year Bonus (we really love loyalty)
  • Dog Friendly Office
  • Excellent Opportunity for Advancement
  • Fun-loving team that works hard and plays hard

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