Fresh Coat Painters Adds Franchise To Serve Lexington, Central Kentucky

Terry Williams found a lasting connection with his late father through the launch of his Fresh Coat Painters franchise to serve Lexington and surrounding Central Kentucky communities.

“My dad was a painter, and I learned to paint when I was 16 and continued to do so while working my way through college,” the Kentucky native said. “My dad always said ‘The job isn’t done until it’s finished right,’ and those words came flooding back to me when I saw that the Fresh Coat logo says ‘Painting Done Right.’”

Williams said he believes the Fresh Coat business model will allow him to grow his business into one in which his father would be proud, especially since his father actually helped with the investment.

“It’s pretty ironic,” Williams said. “My father lived to be 84, having had an amazing life… When he died last year, he left me some money that I’m now using toward the launch of my business.”

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