‘Freaky Fast’ Growth: Springs Jimmy John’s Franchisees Plan More Stores

Colorado Springs Gazette:

Jimmy John’s is on the move in the Pikes Peak region.

The number of Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwich Shops in the Springs area has a ways to go before it rivals that of Subway; founded in 1965, Subway has at least 50 area locations, while relative newcomer Jimmy John’s, launched 28 years ago, has just five.

But Jimmy John’s, which prides itself on being “freaky fast,” is on the fast track in terms of growth. The area’s two franchisees each recently remodeled former restaurant buildings and opened new locations, one franchisee has signed a lease for another store to open next spring, and both say they’re on the lookout for more sites.

“I’m very, very sold on Jimmy John’s, the whole brand, I love it,” said Derek Cohn, who opened the area’s first location in April 2008, on the corner of Garden of the Gods and Forge roads. “It’s been accepted well here in the Springs, too.”

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