Bear Bums For Baby Bums


Spend any time speaking to Cox about cloth diapers and you soon realize that there are many forms, techniques and styles but that they all have the same results, low cost and great benefit to the environment.

“I love cloth diapers because they keep garbage out of the landfill,” Cox explains, “But I also love them because they save trees and cloth diapers are just something great to do for your baby.”

Cox says she’s enjoying connecting with parents and helping them realize what a great thing it is to use cloth diapers. And when she speaks with older women often there is a discussion about why anyone ever stopped using cloth diapers in the first place.

“It’s scary to think about where all the diapers are going and how long they will sit in landfill,” says Cox. “I just hope I can help people see that this is easy to do and in the end what really hits home is the dollar signs. This is really a way to save some money for your family.”

Cox says it’s been a slow process getting her business (Bear Bums) up and running but that she’s fine with the slow pace.

“I’m the tortoise,” Cox says. “I’m thinking about what I’m doing and what I’m selling and I stand behind each of the products I sell.”

Photo by David Goehring

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