BBC News:

On going into business, Emily said: “We had loads of spare eggs and we just thought we better get rid of them because we couldn’t use them ourselves.”

Neighbour Claire Dumbreck was so impressed by the business she nominated Emily for the prize

She gave the first batches away with a little note explaining where people could get more.

The budding entrepreneur then soon had a number of regular customers in the village, leading to her neighbour, Claire Dumbreck, to nominate her for the award.

“Although she’s only 12 she learnt all the principles of business that she’s going to need later on in life,” said Ms Dumbreck.

Although Emily was left upset by the loss of her animals she reinvested and was soon back in business.

Her father, Chris Duffy, said: “She’s done an awful lot of it on her own. She’s been quite entrepreneurial about it.”

The success has inspired Emily to expand her business and one day she hopes to establish a chicken farm.

Photo by Steve Johnson

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