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When a corporation cries “trademark violation,” standing up to its size and influence can be a daunting task. But at what point does it become necessary to stand up for one’s own small business? For folk artist Bo Muller-Moore, that time is now. His agriculture-promoting shirts emblazoned with the words “EAT MORE KALE” have caught the attention of Chick-fil-A, which has served Muller-Moore with a cease-and-desist letter for coming too close to the brand’s “eat mor chikin” ad campaign. But are the two ideas really that similar? Muller-Moore doesn’t think so, and is taking a stand against the fast food chain.

According to reports, Muller-Moore has built a small business off of silkscreened T-shirts and sweatshirts in his hometown of Montpelier, VT. Some of his most popular shirts feature the phrase “EAT MORE KALE,” a short and punch call-to-arms in favor of local agriculture. The phrase (and the shirts) came into being around 2000, and are a tribute to a farmer friend of Muller-Moore’s who grows the aforementioned leafy green.

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