Baskit Geni Proves Dragon’s Den Wrong

Jacqueline Williams always believed she had a winning product. When the Dragon’s Den investors rejected her idea, she didn’t let that hold her back. Now, she is proving them wrong.

Now the businesswoman is having the last laugh after landing a deal with a supplier who wants 20,000 Baskit Geni’s for garden centres in the UK and Europe.

She said: “We have defied the Dragons and have just signed an exclusive deal with one of the largest leading garden distributors in the UK and Europe and have just received our first order of 20,000 units.

“Solus has advised us that there is every possibility they would be taking the product to Europe where there is an even bigger market.

“We are very excited about working with Solus and the future for the Baskit Geni. It is going to be a brilliant Christmas,” Mrs Williams added.

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