Huggies MomInspired Grant Helps Mompreneur Launch Baby Sleep Program

West Linn Tidings:

“My children were really poor sleepers, and I thought I was going to lose my mind (on) sleep-deprived days, and I had a lot of friends having the same experience,” she said. “As my children got older … I just really saw the need for the sleep coaching, because parents were really needing help with sleep issues.”

Drawing on these professional and personal experiences, she’s worked as a sleep coach for nearly five years through her practice, Ruby Sky Coaching.

Hansen said that, in her work as a sleep coach, she’s always wanted an online product that was interactive and could be personalized. Instead, most information available online is generalized, and “You’re saying, ‘But my toddler’s not doing that. OK, I did that, but what do I do next?’”

Users of Hansen’s online baby sleep coach program will input their personal information to receive an initial plan, and then report what happens after each night just as they would if they were seeing Hansen in person.

The program will then take users through a decision tree to find a method to try the next time around.

“I really believe every family needs their own program because every baby is different and every family,” Hansen said. “I used a hodge-podge of different (techniques) for myself, and that’s what I do for my clients now, too.”

Photo by D. Sharon Pruitt

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