Tech4T Helps New Franchise To Launch Successfully

The Franchise Magazine:

Mapping and analysis specialist Tech4T has helped the Pentagon Group to successfully launch its new franchise, MoneySave Solutions.

MoneySave Solutions is a franchise that provides a range of respected financial products and services, specifically created for the increasing numbers of people with debt problems who find it difficult to access mainstream services.

To facilitate easy access of its services by the people most in need, Pentagon Group needed to understand in greater depth what its best customers looked like and where the highest concentrations of them could be found. To do this the company asked Tech4T to help identify the profile of its best customers utilising past trading data. Graham Dennis, National Franchise Director for MoneySave Solutions, said: “Finding the right partner who could demonstrate a clear understanding of what we were trying to achieve was always going to be a difficult hurdle. With Tech4T, we discovered a team which had a clear focus and understanding of UK demographics.”

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