Last month, President Obahma signed legislation designed to encourage the hiring of unemployed veterans. The new legislation provides employers with tax credits of up to $2400 for hiring veterans who have been unemployed for at least four weeks and $5,600 for hiring veterans who have been unemployed longer than six months. It will also give employers a tax credit of up to $9,600 for hiring long-unemployed disabled veterans. Called the “VOW to Hire Heroes Act“, it has been praised as one of the few pieces of legislation that enjoyed something rare in Washington these days: strong bi-partisan support.

In addition to the strong bi-partisan support, the International Franchise Association supported this bill. Steve Caldeira, president and chief executive of the International Franchise Association, was on hand during the signing of the bill.. This support naturally evolves from the IFA’s longstanding support of veterans through its VetFran Program. To date, over 415 franchise systems participate in the VetFran program, which provides financial incentives and other support to veterans considering purchasing a franchise. Visit www.vetfran.com for more information about this program.