No matter what country you are in, there will always be road blocks on the way to small business success. Russia is no different, reports RT.

About half the owners of small and mid-sized enterprises in 40 regions of Russia say they faced serious difficulties starting the business, according to new research by the Russian Organization for Small and Medium Entrepreneurship or “Opora Rossia”.

According to Mr Korochkin, demonopolization of state corporations and fundamental change of the existing supply system would give access to governmental contracts for thousands of small enterprises. “Now Russian small suppliers are welcome at foreign companies like Volkswagen and Boeing, but they can’t get contracts with Russian corporations”, he says.

In 2011 the amount of small enterprises in Russia slightly grew due to a simplified registration procedure, but the dynamic is negligible, says Mr Korochkin. “How to stimulate the creation of new enterprises and how to attract young people to small business – these are the main questions we should answer in the near future”, he said.

Photo by Kevin Dooley