Tomboy Tools For DIY Girls

Bangor Daily News:

“Being the only one in Maine has its advantages and disadvantages,” said Gormely, who has been with Tomboy almost 11 months. “Disadvantages in that I’m it and I have to do all, but I also have all the potential sales and if they (Tomboy) get any leads on, I’m it as far as contacts.”

Tomboy Tools was started as an online store in 2000 by three women – Sue Wilson, Janet Rickstrew and Mary Tatum – and became a Web-based direct-selling business in 2004.

“The first time I heard of it was a couple years ago through a friend of mine, who heard about it on the Today Show,” recalled Gormely, whose day job is as an administrative assistant at Tyler Technologies. “This is right up my alley because I was looking for a part-time job and this is perfect because I can make my own hours and be my own boss. Plus I’m a single homeowner and do a lot of fix-up and maintenance things around my house all the time.”

Tomboy Tools specializes in hand and power tools designed exclusively for use by women.

“They’re lighter weight and also ergonomically designed for a woman’s smaller hand,” said Kelly Bell, Tomboy’s director of marketing and consumer relations. “They’re also about being convenient and utilizing a smart approach.”

Logo from Tomboy Tools

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