Food Franchises Are Attracting Hispanic Entrepreneurs

MarketWatch: is pleased to report that registrations from Hispanic entrepreneurs who are looking to open a food franchise have increased compared to 2010 figures.

Furthermore, food franchises all across the United States have seen growth during 2011. This is particularly true for fast food outlets wherein the target market are young and energetic people who live with hectic schedules that do not allow them to prepare their own meals on both weekdays and weekends.

Despite the ever changing economy, more and more Hispanic franchisees have been encouraged to venture into this kind of business because of the fact that no matter what the current economic conditions are, people will eat out and will continually welcome fast food variations into their everyday breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. Investment in a Hispanic-owned franchise makes good business sense. And several quick-serve franchisors, such as Subway, Arby’s and Villa Fresh Italian Kitchen, understand why they should continue to promote minority business ownership and include Hispanic franchise owners in their corporate portfolio.

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