Walmart’s Get on the Shelf Contestant Update: Lots of Videos!

Walmart’s Get on The Shelf contest is in full swing. The contest, if you don’t remember is a competition that anyone can enter for the chance to get their product sold on and Walmart stores. Any product in any category currently covered by Walmart is eligible ranging from housewares and electronics to toys and apparel. The contest will work similarly to the show American Idol. Contests create videos of their inventions and the public will vote online for the winners.

Although the contest only started on January 18th, and voting doesn’t open until March 7, 2012, there have already been over 300 entries on

I’ve included the demonstration videos from the contestants below. Watch them, and leave a comment below about which ones you like or inspire you in the comments below.

I’ll post more videos as they become available.


Auto Dish

Kitty Clean Litter box scoop

Handcrafted Puzzle box

226usb ZipKord

Defender RFID shielding sleeve

Long Range Soap and Rinse Nozzle

The Weofish Adjustable Rod Holder System

Teach Me to Tie Shoe Laces

Sink Baby Rinser

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