Amazon Retail Store

I’ve said before that this rumor from Jason Calacanis seems like the direction retail is heading:

The store could just be a showroom with display units of appliances and “geniuses” running around showing you the top 25 vacuums in action. Or the top 10 juicers actually making juice.

It could be Consumer Reports meets the Apple Store on crack!

There wouldn’t have to be any inventory, you would simply play with the stuff, talk to a professional and swipe your Amazon Prime credit card (or Amazon phone) and have it at your house in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Remember, Amazon has been experimenting with same-day delivery in some markets with some items. And no inventory might solve its sales-tax problems. I mean, do you have to pay sales tax if you’re selecting the product in the store but technically buying it on your tablet?