Vote For Your Favorite .biz Domain – Hint! Hint!

Bizop is celebrating ten years of the .biz (dot biz) domain name. To make a party out of it, they’re sharing the success stories of dot biz domain owners and letting the public vote on their favorite one.

I’m sure you can think of one dot biz domain to vote for. After all, you’re reading one right now.

I’ve been blogging on this domain ( since November 2001, and although I’ve been tempted a number of times to switch to a dot com, there’s something downright honest about running a money-making site, about real people making money in the real world on a .biz domain. I think it doesn’t try to trick you into thinking that it’s something that it’s not.

Now that there are hundreds of top level domains to choose from (and soon, an infinite supply), I’m glad to be a dot biz domain, and hope that you’ll support me in the contest.

You can vote for me here.

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