If you thought the iPad was too big now, you may be surprised to hear a smaller version may become available in the near future, reports InformationWeek.

This new device, or iPad Mini if you will, would boast a screen with similar resolution to the current iPad 2. The iPad 2’s 9.7-inch display has 1024 x 786 pixels, giving a pixels-per-inch (ppi) rating of 132. Packing the same number of pixels in a smaller screen would boost the ppi value and give the iPad Mini a really nice display with 160 ppi. It’s still no retina display, but pixels that are packed more tightly together will make for a better experience.

(By way of comparison, the iPad 3, which is said to offer a 2048 x 1536 pixel display, will have a ppi of 264.)

Of course, a smaller iPad would probably not make Apple founder Steve Jobs happy. Just 16 months ago, Jobs bemoaned the idea of tablets with displays smaller than 10 inches.

Can you see a use for a smaller iPad?

Photo by meedanphotos

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