An Arabian Apprentice-Like Show To Launch

The new show may not feature Donald Trump, but it does seem to take a few cues from his American show, The Apprentice, reports Arabian Business.

Titled ‘The Entrepreneur’, the show is likely to begin in the third quarter of 2012.

“It welcomes a new genre of entrepreneurs: people who have ideas that are impactful and they are passionate about it, and they have exceptional drive and stamina to take it forward,” said Hala Badri, executive vice president, brand and communications of Du.

“It is 8 episodes. It starts with casting … the judges will be there all along,” she said. “The first 4 episodes will concentrate on people providing their ideas and pitching for their products.

“I think at episode 4, is where we actually narrow it to 4 contestants, and then it goes down to 2 contestants. At the end, they will be pitching their ideas, and only one of them will walk away with their prize money.”

Along with the AED1m cash prize, the winner will be given another million dirhams in terms of services.

Photo by Boss Tweed

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