Hairdressing: The Ups And Downs Of The Beauty Industry

Thanks to the laws of nature, hairdressing is a recurring revenue stream and requires ongoing maintenance; basically a necessary treat. Sure it’s a discretionary service, which means industry revenue will always be sensitive to movements in household disposable income, but generally people take pride in their appearance and if they can, will pay for someone else’s expertise to help them look their best.

Loyalty to brand vs hairdresser
The name Franck Provost is behind the success of 650 salons across 30 countries, with a collective mission to enhance natural beauty with the latest techniques, styles and trends from Paris. Jean-François Carré, master franchisor for Franck Provost Paris Hair in Australia, believes the principal challenge in hairdressing today is securing customers’ loyalty to the salon and brand, rather than to an individual hairdresser. Read more.

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