Do You Need A Social Media Expert?

Here is what some entrepreneurs told the Washington Post about hiring someone to handle social media.

Paul Gollash, founder and CEO of New York-based Voxy:

“We originally tried to manage our social media presence part-time, but we learned quickly that in order to go from just having a presence to actually building and maintain high-value relationships on several different platforms, we needed a full-time social media manager. So yes, we do have a full-time person on social media.

Erin Blaskie, CEO of BSETC in Ontario, Can.:

“Within our team of 20 subcontractors, we have two that focus entirely on social media activities for our company and for our clients’ companies. One reason is because we also incorporate specific tracking techniques to help us measure effectiveness and reach. While tracking techniques are used in traditional marketing also, it is helpful to have someone already well-versed in this specific area.

These two companies use an expert, do you?

Photo by Beck Tench

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