Conferences don’t have to be extortionate – small scale intimate events have huge benefits

Big doesn’t always mean better – and this applies to corporate meetings and conferences just as much as everything else.

While large conferences often offer huge amounts of talks and extensive networking opportunities, they are also very expensive to put on and can make participants feel overawed and nervous about asking questions or putting forward their thoughts.

Smaller-scale events, by contrast, offer more intimate chances for discussion and conversation and many location providers, which you can find by searches such as Meeting Rooms Bristol, can provide spaces tailored to your exact needs, whether big or small.

In the same way that smaller class sizes are often thought to aid learning for the pupils in them, so small conferences can provide tangible benefits for those taking part in them, including the chance to participate in smaller, more in-depth discussion groups and the chance to get to know everyone else attending very quickly, providing targeted networking.

Venues in or close to city centres work best for these types of small conferences, as the more transport links there are and the more central the location, the more likely you are to get the core number of attendees that smaller events need to function well. City location providers such as who offer hotels with meeting rooms offer easy access to high-quality fully-serviced rooms that meet all the needs of the modern conference in luxury surroundings, leaving the organisers with one less headache to worry about.

Room size aside, just because you’re hosting a small-scale conference it doesn’t mean that there is any less planning involved. If anything, smaller groups need more thought putting into them, as you cannot rely on a large number of vocal people to keep a discussion going. With this in mind, either prime colleagues with ideas or questions to keep the conversation going if it falters, or offer short quick-fire sessions on a variety of topics. One of the benefits of small-scale events is the opportunity for ad hoc group sessions or breakout options, so make sure you maximise the attraction of these for attendees, both ahead of and during your conference.

Also bear in mind that just because you are catering for fewer people does not necessarily mean you need fewer sessions – you still want a variety of activities and interactive elements for participants to be able to travel through, with sessions ranging from team-building to expert talks to discussion seminars and informal q and as.

And be sure to get feedback at the end of the conference so you know what went well and what can be improved on the next time you plan a more intimate conference.

When looking for meeting rooms in Bristol and the south, take a look at some of the quaint hotels just outside of the cities. They can boast meeting rooms for intimate gatherings and offer stunning grounds to entertain afterward.