Rapid Refill, has announced that they will join The International Franchise Association (IFA) in finding, recruiting and hiring more veterans as part of the industry’s “Operation Enduring Opportunity,” campaign. This campaign is part of the White House Joining Forces Initiative. Operation Enduring Opportunity is the franchise community’s commitment to hire 80,000 veterans and spouses by 2014, including 5,000 wounded warriors.

Recent studies show more than 65,000 franchise establishments in the United States are veteran-owner, and Rapid Refill wants to make itself as appealing and helpful to returning U.S. military veterans as possible.

Steve Caldeira, IFA President & CEO, said, “As tens of thousands of service men and women return from deployment in Iraq, Afghanistan and Southwest Asia, expanded opportunities are needed to ensure that veterans and their families are able to transition into the civilian economy. With its rapid training opportunities, defined structure and systems, and need for operational excellence, franchising provides an ideal structure to enable returning veterans to become leaders of and productive participants in the U.S. economy.”