Inventor’s Gliders Help Make Zumba Safe


Arik Bannister’s moment of inspiration was forced on him, a few moments after he set out to become a Zumba instructor.

Zumba is a popular workout routine based on Latin music with the sort of hip swinging, foot-twisting moves you might expect.

“After 15 minutes I started to feel sore and I thought, you know, how am I going to be a Zumba instructor if I pop out a knee,” says Bannister. “I better fix this right away. I needed less friction between my feet and the carpet.”

If Arik needed help, it was fairly certain his students, many of them middle aged and seniors, would too. He named his solution Z Gliderz.

They’re actually quite simple, a patch of slick material held on the soles of your shoes with velcro snaps.

He had some made for his students, then started offering them on line.

A new piece of workout gear was born.

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