New Zealand Herald:

Patrick Wilson may have only just become the boss of McDonald’s NZ, the giant of the local fast food market, but he’s already predicting certain victory in a price war against his competitors.

Sitting in his new office at the company’s Greenlane headquarters, Wilson – a part-Samoan, born and bred Aucklander – radiates an aura of calm confidence as he describes the current state of New Zealand’s quick-service restaurant scene.

The market, made up of about seven major players that include Burger King, KFC, Pizza Hut and Dominos, experienced strong growth in the four years leading up to 2011.

The quick service category is currently estimated to be worth around $1.7 billion annually, and with McDonald’s NZ claiming a market share of 40 per cent, that suggests its total annual sales are around $680 million, including the 131 stores owned by franchisees that make up 80 per cent of its 160-restaurant network.

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