The advent of spring doesn’t always boost seniors’ moods. In fact, it can mean darker days and increased anxiety for seniors suffering from depression, says Kelley Richard, a Care Manager at LivHOME.

Kelley talks about how the transition to spring can exacerbate depression in seniors in Episode 28 of The Senior Care Podcast by LivHOME. She also explores the signs of depression in seniors, treatment options and steps their loved ones and caregivers can take to help.

“Typically, winter is associated with the blues and spring is considered a time of increased energy, optimism and hope. But for seniors suffering from depression, the change of season can make feelings of sadness, hopelessness and lethargy worse. The change of weather, often accompanied by longer, brighter days, can actually overwhelm seniors since they’re forced to adjust to new external conditions. This can make them feel extremely anxious, and in some cases, vulnerable and exposed,” Richard says. Full post.