If you want to raise the next generation of entrepreneurs, the best place to start is in the classroom. The Huffington Post has a few ideas on how we can teach tomorrows entrepreneurs today.

Make schoolwork relevant. Students might have a dream job, but they often overlook the stepping stones to getting there. Math, science, and English classes may seem worthless at the moment, but are essential to developing life skills, which may include budgeting or crafting business plans for the budding entrepreneur.

Make engagement a community effort. The burden of keeping kids engaged in school doesn’t fall just on teachers or principals. It falls on the entire community. Our enthusiasm for education and entrepreneurship often spills out to businesspeople in the community, offering students broader support.

Adjust expectations. Some high school students can barely comprehend grade-level textbooks, but they’ve been passed from one grade to the next anyway. These low expectations can be reversed through engagement. It’s only when students have real incentives to try harder that they seek the extra help they need.

Photo by Shane Global