Draw Something Takes Pictionary To A Whole New Level

The Guardian:

Draw Something is the latest classic board game to be reinvented for the digital age. Words With Friends is the new Scrabble, Monopoly is a hit online. But none has rivalled the phenomenal growth of Draw. The game has been a winner from day one – it was averaging three drawings a second the day it was launched — and six weeks later the five-year-old OMGPOP has been sold for $180m (£113m) in cash to Zynga, owner of other highly addictive online games including Words With Friends and CityVille.

Draw Something was the 35th game created by OMGPOP. They had tried other drawing games but this one was an instant smash. Some words are easy for players to portray — like rainbow, sun and fish. But finger painting Daft Punk or Stephen Colbert with primary school drawing skills is more than a tad tricky.

The game has slight variations across the world. In London you might get “snog” — a word Americans don’t use — while in Europe there is no chance of getting Tim Tebow, a star football player across the Atlantic. For Swedish players OMGPOP added Ikea.

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