Garden State GreenFest Was A Great Success

Einnews Portugal:

Ken Glynn, President and CEO of GreenSmart Stores and Kenergy Scientific, Inc., announced today that the GreenSmart Store triple booth at the Kean University-hosted Garden State GreenFest was very successful. “Thousands of green-minded attendees visited the GreenSmart Store presentation and many purchased our unique products,” Ken said. In addition, Ken gave a short speech at the awards luncheon on Friday, and, as last year’s Garden State Green Citizen of the Year, he presented two top awards to this year’s recipients. On Friday afternoon, he met with visitors interested in potential franchises.

On Saturday, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. lectured to about 1,200 attendees on American river clean up and protection, and advocating solar and wind power. Ken co-hosted and, after Mr. Kennedy completed his lecture, Ken thanked Mr. Kennedy and presented him with a GreenSmart Store Backpack with a Built-in Solar Panel/Device Recharger as a token of appreciation for Mr. Kennedy’s efforts. Read more.

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