Luntian Bags: One Less Plastic Bag

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It took an article published in Time Specials back in 2007 about the harmful effects of plastic bags that a “germ of an idea” sprung up.

“More than the numbers, however, my main takeaway was that we [normal people and not scientists or radical activists] can do something about it,” she says.

She then decided to establish Luntian Bags, which eventually became a two-fold cause. The venture is an environmental campaign and a source of livelihood for the local community here, where their second home is located.

Luntian Bags offer stylish bags made of canvas and Igorot cloth that comes in eight different designs. There are handwoven by the unemployed women in the town of San Teodoro and designed also by local artists like Joan Mateo and Owie Lazatin.

Image from Luntian

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