Cindy's pet Paradise

When I was a kid, we’d often stop in at the local pet store just to see the new puppies and kittens that they had in stock. We never had any intention of purchasing anything, and I’m sure we’re weren’t alone. Now, a pet store owner in Beaufort, South Carolina has figured out how to profit from all of the families that bring their small children into her pet store just to look at the animals.

Cindy Gahan has opened Cindy’s Pet Paradise, a combination pet store, petting zoo and education center, at 522 Parris Island Gateway. She sells all-day passes for $1 each, a price set to allow large families and people on budgets to visit, Gahan said.

Visitors can spend an entire day learning about and caring for animals. She has used her savings to support the shop and zoo and relies on volunteers to help care for the animals and maintain the facilities.

Her “zoo” doesn’t just include dogs and cats though:

Her zoo includes fish, hedgehogs, chinchillas, donkeys, chickens, parrots, reptiles, goats and rabbits. Children can collect eggs from the free-range chickens and catch fish with nets and release them.