Inventor Lives/Promotes Low Power Lifestyle

The Mainichi:

A refrigerator made of highly conductive metal, surrounded with water and insulated can keep a temperature of seven to eight degrees Celsius even outside in the daytime during summer. A dehumidifier he created with a nearly endless lifetime that sells for 23,000 yen is a hit product that sells around 200 units a year.

At his studio, Fujimura uses natural gas and pressure cooking pots to make rice rather than electric rice cookers, which use the equivalent of 2 GPs nationwide a year. For lights, which are 10 GPs, and computers, 3 GPs, he is careful to turn them off when not needed. He gets lighting through windows in the roof and cleans with a broom. He also uses solar and hydroelectric power generation. Although Fujimura has over 10 buildings on his wide lot, he only pays around 40,000 yen a year in electricity fees to Tokyo Electric Power Company.

Photo by Ed Kohler

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