When it comes to the government, small businesses can expect to full out a mountain of paperwork for anything from accreditation to government contracts. Politico recently shared an idea for a common application they think would help.

The Small Business “common app” would function much like the one that students complete to apply to multiple colleges and universities simultaneously. It would ensure that small businesses across the country can concentrate on growing and creating jobs — not wasting time, filling out mountains of repetitive paperwork.

This legislation would allow them to apply for research and development grants and government contracts through multiple federal agencies with a single application.

For small businesses struggling after natural disasters that seek federal assistance to get back on their feet, this bill could eliminate the need to file, and re-file, the same information in different forms with multiple government agencies. In the wake of deadly tornados, hurricanes or violent storms, small businesses should not have to worry about fighting bureaucratic hurdles to get the help they need.

Do you think a universal-style application would help?

Photo by anomalous4