Customers visiting a Lovin’ Spoons store will soon be able to dig into cups of the company’s own self-branded frozen yogurt. The growing yogurt franchise has formed a strategic alliance with Freshëns Quality Brands, the nation’s largest yogurt and smoothie company, to create and manufacture a new proprietary yogurt lineup scheduled to launch in June.

As Lovin’ Spoons looks to expand through franchise opportunities across the Southeast and beyond, the Freshëns alliance will help further differentiate the young company from other self-serve yogurt brands.

“The opportunity to tap into the Freshëns team’s decades of experience and unparalleled industry knowledge provides immeasurable value to our brand,” said Diane Kahn, President and Founder of Lovin’ Spoons. “Lovin’ Spoons was built from the ground up to be a superior franchising opportunity and this partnership will help leverage our expansion plan efforts.”