Water Cooler World Franchise Wins An Olympic Contract


Water Cooler World, the franchise arm of Natural Welsh Water, announced recently that it has won the much coveted contract to supply water and water coolers to the Olympic Athletes at this years’ Olympic Games in London. According to the information provided, this deal means that Water Cooler World will initially be supplying the Olympic Village with over 20,000 litres of water and 50 water coolers to keep the athletes hydrated and in peak shape to compete in their chosen events. This figure may increase if there is demand from the athletes.

Managing Director Mike Webb said: “We are delighted with this latest contract and it is great kudos to be chosen as the water suppliers at the Olympics. It is a great testament to the hardworking team that we have continued to expand here during difficult trading times and this latest coup is another benchmark in how far we have come in the last couple of years.”

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