It is every entrepreneur’s dream. First you create a new startup with a lot of promise, then Google comes in and buys it from you. According to The Washington Post, that is exactly what happened to Rajeev Malik and his startup, KikScore.

Founded in 2010, the three-man firm developed a digital report card for small businesses designed to demonstrate their trustworthiness to customers. The report gave the business a score based on a variety of characteristics, including where its Web site is registered, how long the business has been operating and whether it has a return policy.

“For us, [the acquisition] is a realization that we put in the blood, sweat and tears to put this product together and Google can now take it to the next level,” he said in an interview.

But there isn’t much rest for the eager entrepreneur. Malik, a lawyer by training, has another venture he plans to start in the coming weeks.