African Inventors: Part 2

Inventors exist all over the world. has compiled a list of inventors found within the country. Yesterday we posted part one to this series. Here are the rest:

In Ghana we have a unique inventor named Apostle Kwadwo Safo Kantanka, who successfully manufactured electrical drums, loud speakers, mixing consoles, amplifiers, preamps, and 7-stringed bass guitars. He also designed and fabricated new devices such as sewing and embroidery machines, and flat-screen sensor televisions with volume or channels that can be increased or decreased by just clapping one’s hands (among other features); weed slashers, spot-welding machines, and sensor taps, too. Now he is starting to construct vehicles. Inventions by Kwadwo Safo and his team are mostly made with local materials.

In Morocco, a 29-year-old man named Aadin Akhazine created an engine that runs using as a carburant made of 80 percent of water and 20 percent of fuel. The engine of Mr. Akhazine, in simple terms, consists on using the heat produced by the water as energy.

Mohanad Mekky is a 20-year-old Egyptian inventor who created a system that allows disabled people to use a computer. The mouse is moved by moving your head and you can click by blinking your left or right eye or taping your left or right foot.

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