Franchises Take On India

Food and Drink Digital:

It was in late April when Pinkberry CEO Ron Graves made the announcement: it was expanding into India, partnering with Mumbai-based casual dining development organization JSM Corporation to help in securing franchisees and building the brand in this new market.One month later, Krispy Kreme followed suit – in mid-May, Krispy Kreme president Jeff Welch announced that the brand was teaming with regional franchisee Bedrock Food Company Pvt., Ltd., to develop 35 locations throughout India by 2018.

Pinkberry is no stranger to growth: India will be the eighteenth country to date to welcome the frozen yogurt franchise since it first launched in 2005. Likewise, Krispy Kreme is already operating in 21 other countries including Saudi Arabia, China, and Australia. But this is the first foray into India for both. So why India, and why now? What is it that has turned India into one of the fastest growing franchise market hot spots in the world? Continue reading.

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