Why Veterans Excel At Franchising

NBC Chicago (blog):

July 4th is coming, but that’s not the only day you can honor your country. If you’re a franchisor, well, as it turns out, according to Morton Grove-based franchise consultant Meg Schmitz, you should consider hiring a veteran.

Schmitz represents more than 200 franchises and works to pair individuals with the right franchise for them — and she also has been a franchise owner herself, owning and operating a Great Clips for 17 years. So, she knows what she’s talking about and has been in the trenches herself.

To find out more about veterans and franchising, I gave Schmitz a call.

How did this get to be one of your specialties?
Meg Schmitz:
I guess the way that I would frame that is, first of all, I come from, not an active military family, but my grandfather was a colonel in the army. So I’ve always had this awareness as a kid and into adulthood of the great benefits we enjoy as Americans because of the labor of people like him. That’s maybe a fairly glorified way of saying it, but when it’s part of your family structure then you have that awareness of it. Read on.

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