Fresh Healthy Vending recently announced the launch of its new Healthy Vending Cafe. The innovative vending machines, exclusive only to Fresh Healthy Vending Franchisees, are creating a whole new category in the vending industry by offering organic specialty coffees and nationally branded healthy snacks and drinks, all in the same machine.

“Our research showed that consumer demand for healthier espresso coffee, combined with healthy snack and beverage options in a single vending footprint would be a ‘slam dunk,'” says Dan Negroni, CEO of Fresh Healthy Vending. “Our Fresh Healthy Vending Cafes are like having a mini-Starbucks store in a retailer or office building. Now when people go to their office or place of work they no longer have to stop before work or leave at break time as the Fresh Healthy Vending Cafe is there to serve their needs.”

Fresh Healthy Vending Cafes are also being placed inside traditional grocery store chains, health-food stores, big box retailers, car dealers, tire stores, oil change stores, and a variety of other places where people shop on a daily basis.