Entrepreneur Builds His Business From The Cellar Up

The Greenville News:

Ralph Bass said he was reluctant about partnering to open a wine cellar construction company in 2004, but it had nothing to do with his son’s ability to lead the business to prosperity.

But Robert Bass, the 43-year-old co-owner of Kessick Wine Cellars, had done his research before asking his father to be his business partner.

What he had learned, coupled with the general experience he’d had with other builders, was that although Greenville is not a large metropolitan area like Atlanta and Charlotte, it is attracting the same kinds of people.

Anchored off Garlington Road, across from GE, Kessick’s special recipe involves shipping fully assembled wine rackings that are designed and built at their facility. The company sells racks that range from $1,200 to cellars that can cost more than $30,000. It has a wide range of customers from residential to retail.

“When we ship them, they’re similar to cabinets in that they are already fully boxed. You just pull them out of the crate and they’re ready to install, “ Robert Bass said. “Nobody else in the whole country does that. Everybody else ships them broken down. They need to be assembled on site.”

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