Pitch It! And Test Your Idea


Creative entrepreneurs looking to cut their teeth in the startup world can look forward to the Pitch It! competition in September. Held yearly in Singapore as part of Asia on the Edge, the competition gives upcoming creative entrepreneurs a stage to present their ideas in front of potential investors.

Fredrik Härén, founder of interesting.org and renowned author of The Idea Book and The Developing World, is evaluating this year’s contestants. He says that business ideas should make the world a better place to live – ultimately the goal of business is to serve people in a clever and sustainable way. It has to be creative.

According to him, creativity “is a process of preparing, generating and having ideas as well as the process of making those ideas happen.”

An idea, put simply by Fredrik, is a combination of at least two previously known things in a new way that is better than what we used to do.

So if you’re an aspiring creative entrepreneur, now is a good time to start cracking and find that winning business idea.

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