security services

Photo of security services guard sleeping on the job by Ethan Prater.

Security services are critical to your business. If your business is a fairly large one, you might already have a full time security staff to protect your assets as well as your staff.

But smaller companies also need security services from time to time. For example, if you’re hosting a large event, you might need to hire security staff on a temporary basis.

However, if your security staff members are sleeping on the job, neither your event nor your business will be safe. That’s why you need to invest the time and money to train and support your security services team.




Consider Alternatives

If you don’t have the resources to train and support your security services team, however, you have a big problem. If this is your situation, consider hiring security services from a national company such as Fast Guard Service. You’ll get well trained personnel right on time, who won’t go to sleep on the job.


A Well Trained Security Services Staff is Essential

To quote from The Register:

“The best return is on your employees,” said Black Hat founder Jeff Moss. “I rely on people, not on a widget. I can get all the widgets I need for free from the great open source community.”

Good security staff are key, of course, he said, but you also need good people managers who can understand how to use people in the right role and manage their output. Marcus Ranum, a Black Hat alumnus and faculty member of the Institute for Applied Network Security, agreed, highlighting forensics and malware specialists, but said that there was also a need for generalists who could see the bigger picture.



The safety of your business or your event is too important to leave to chance. Hire good security personnel and train them well. Then invest in good people managers who know how to manage them. If you’re unwilling or unable to do that, invest in security services from a reliable national company and rest assured that your company’s safety will be well in hand.