Dyson Contestant Taking On The World


Edward Linacre, inventor of Airdrop, won £10,000 last year to develop the device, which he describes as a low-cost way to grow crops in very dry regions.

Mr Linacre, from Melbourne, Australia, was inspired by a desert beetle’s technique of capturing moisture from air. Relying on the principle that even the driest air contains water molecules, Airdrop pumps air through a network of underground pipes and cools the air to the point of condensation, before delivering water to the roots of plants.

“I’m looking at a global problem and I’ve received a global response,” he said. “Everything from agricultural firms in China to the Chinese government, research companies in the Middle East and the US, [are] all looking to partner in the development or distribution.”

However, the 28 year-old is happy to develop it at home for the time being: “If another company develops it, it becomes their product. I want this to support Australian innovation. I sell it off and Australia continues to be known for mining, beaches and beer.”

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