iPhone Widget Changes The Way We Take Self-Portraits

Red Orbit:

The concept for the eyeCLICK remote control device came to Wu after listening to an Apple keynote address, when the company announced the iPhone had become the most used camera in the world.

“I knew that the convenience of your phone always being with you would outweigh the chances of bringing a real camera out with you, which would mean casual photography would grow exponentially, Wu said. “At the same time, I was seeing how people were resorting to terrible workarounds in order to taking self portraits on their iPhones.”

With the eyeCLICK, Wu’s goal is eliminate the need to stretch your arm out at an uncomfortable angle to take a good self portrait or group shot. It combines a remote control and an HD lens to allow for better iPhone photographs.

“It’s more than a camera remote to me,” Wu said. “It frees us from what is the norm and ultimately improve our lives. It takes what we have today and not only makes it better, it reimagines how to do something. I believe that given the right marketing, it will bring people together in ways that you can’t do now.”

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